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Y-star Greater – “Biography”

Pumulo Prince Mwangala, more widely known by his stage name Y-star Greater (Also Stylized As The Smartest Rapper) is a Zambian hip hop and rap musician. Y-star Greater was born on 23rd April 1995 in North-Western Province and his a last born child in his family, he attended his Primary School in Lusaka at Jacaranda Secondary School later on he went to complete his Grade 12 Level outside Lusaka. After completing his Grade 12 in 2016, In 2017 he went to study Information & Technology at Evelyn Hone College Of Applied Arts and Commerce for 2 years(Diploma). Y-star has been a music fan since childhood and he got inspired by a lot of Zambian Legends such as Joe Chibangu, Jordan Katembula(JK), Mc Wabwino etc but with the new wave in the Genre of Hip-Hop music his biggest inspiration came from only two Zambian Rappers who brought back Hip-Hop music on scene one is Tommy Dee(Namafela) and Slap Dee (King Dizzo). As he was growing up listening to these two Legends in Zambian Hip-Hop music Y-star started to gain more interest in Hip-Hop music and became a full time Hip-Hop music fan. In 2012 after writing his Grade 9 Exams in Lusaka at Jacaranda Primary School Y-star Joined a certain Talent Show in Lusaka which used to take place in Kanyama area at Puma filing Station called Tipayane Talent Show Within a short period of time on the same Talent show Y-star became one of the most best Rappers and he was awarded as best Rapper of the Season in 2013 on Tipayane Talent Show. Y-star visited a recording studio in 2013 when he was told to do a song for Tipayane Talent Show with his friend Sirgent Parrot then in 2014 he recorded his first single tagged Ndebatambafye and that’s how his music journey began. From that time Y-star has been releasing many hit songs such as Nitasha, Wakata Panshi which features K-Army Representer Alpha Romeo It’s Okay,Timabaziba which features Daev Zambia from xyz camp, Aerobics Mania” a song for team Defined Style and Fitness though it can be used by any individual who take part in physical fitness as a working out song yet is about to drop more and more good music.

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