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Kays Poho Yensu – “Biography”

Hi, my names are Davies Kachinga Kalaluka, aka Kays Poho Yensu. I first got on the Zambian music scene in 2006 with a song called Ndiwe Wanga, it featured Massy and Chikol on the chorus. This song was loved and had great radio play. I was doing it for fun and all. I was excited to have my very first song doing it big, I never looked at it on the business side and I would jump on different stages to perform just for fun.
I never bothered about money because I had a job and was comfortable. At that time I made friends and knew a lot of artistes and media personalities. Slapdee became my closest friend and later I took him to
Raydo at Digital X where I used to record and he got signed up eventually. The number of friends grew,
Daxon , Ruffkid , Bflow, Pjay , Shimpanzi ,
K_Millian , Ozzy , Roberto ,Tommy_Dee etc. The list is long of which I’m still friends with most of them. After the fall out between me and Slapdee there was beef which Ruffkid got himself involved in and I took him out straight with a song called Nili_naitali lol! The beef ended, I forgot about everything and concentrated on my music until I dropped an album entitled, ‘Thank You’, in 2007. At this point, Raydo and Chikol became not only my producers but became my best friends ’til now.
After all this I wasn’t so active in music any more and eventually took a break from it. After some years passed by, I decided to bounce back with features from all these friends of mine who were now house hold names. Started making phone calls here and there, linkups, but to no avail. The people I knew were nolonger the same friends I had. I got depressed as I had no money to pay them and almost gave up as I thought the only way to penetrate was if I got a great feature, then I would blow up. It never happened Then I woke up and said, I can still do what I love regardless of the setbacks. I polished my art, my image and re-branded myself to the person you know now as
King Kays Poho Yensu.

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